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UAW-Ford Retiree Medical Benefit Trust

The UAW-Ford Retiree Medical Benefits Trust program provides members with comprehensive vision care services. Single Vision Solution, Inc. administers your vision care program. A network panel consisting of SVS Vision Optical Centers and other affiliated providers fulfill the eye exam and eyewear services.

To receive the largest benefit, members living within 25 miles of a network provider can schedule an appointment and select their eyewear at any SVS Vision Optical Center or affiliated provider location.

If you live more than 25 miles from an affiliated provider or choose to receive vision care services from a non-Network provider you will receive reimbursement for benefits, according to your plan schedule, by submitting an application for benefits form.

What Does my UAW-Ford Retiree Medical Benefit Trust Plan Cover?

Services Network Provider Non-Network Provider (Live over 25 miles from Network Provider) Reimbursement Non-Network Provider (Live within 25 miles of Network Provider) Reimbursement Frequency of Coverage*
Eye Exam Full Coverage $45.00 0 12 months
Re-examination (by an Ophthalmologist) $45.00 $45.00 0 12 months when medically necessary*
Lenses (Glass or Plastic): 24 months
Single Vision Full Coverage $59.00 $13.00
Bifocal Full Coverage $79.00 $13.00
Trifocal Full Coverage $99.00 $13.00
Special (lenticular, aspheric, etc.) Full Coverage $99.00 $13.00
Lens Options:
Tints equal to Rose 1 or 2 Full coverage 0 0
Scratch Resistant coating for age 13 and under Full coverage 0 0
Oversized lenses Full Coverage 0 0
Frames 24 months
Standard Frames Full Coverage $49.00 $13.00
Designer Frames $40.00 $49.00 $13.00
Contact Lenses (instead of eyeglasses) 24 months
Not medically necessary $75.00 $89.00 $37.00
Professional fees (fitting/follow-up) $40.00 Included above Included above
Medically necessary to achieve 20/70 in better eye or for keratoconus, irregular astigmatism or irregular corneal curvature as diagnosed by M.D. or O.D. including professional fees and contact lenses Up to $350.00 $200.00 $52.50

* Refer to your benefit brochure for complete details, special circumstances and program exclusions